About Me, Tammy B

Playing with composition is the driving force in my process. I am drawn to asymmetry where finding the perfect balance becomes a meditation of sorts.  Strong diagonals and sculptural elements combine to create visual movement which fuels my work with energy.  The unique and daring pieces I create can take the wearer beyond simply adorning their body.  They make a statement that becomes empowering. 

My work incorporates combinations of sterling silver, 18 and 22K gold, and a wide array of natural stones.  I use a variety of metalsmithing techniques such as hand-forming, soldering, and bezel setting. Pieces have subtly textured surfaces which are often finished with an oxidized patina. 

I studied metalsmithing at the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls.  Since then I’ve created art in numerous mediums but always held fast to my love of working with metal.  I worked 24 years as a bench jeweler for nationally known jewelry artist, Sydney Lynch.  Throughout those years I maintained my own jewelry studio where I currently work as a fulltime jewelry artist.